Here it is. My first print publication! 

// ON THE ROAD // 

This is a beautiful limited-edition (and already sold out) book, a partnership between Levi’s and hitRECord, created by the amazing The Made Shop.

Now let’s talk about the brilliance of this. It’s all about being on the road. It’s a book and it’s a journal. It comes with a cool red pen and some postcards - so you can write about your adventures to your friends and family -. There’s a roadtrip soundtrack download. And it’s all wrapped by an audio cable, so you can listen to the said soundtrack in your car. How fun is this!?

And my image, Take My Hand, was included among some wonderful imagery, made by many people I admire. And this makes me really, really proud.

* Thanks to Ann Marie for sending me pictures! You’re the best <3
** Top photo: Ann Marie; bottom 3: The Made Shop.